Preamplifier with HiFi Streaming & DAC

AVM SD: A completely different animal

The new SD units herald a completely new category of AVM components with streaming capabilities. The brand new SD components combine an analogue preamplifier with two high-level inputs, DAC with DSD, streaming client prepared for TIDAL HiFI streaming service, web radio, and a high performance headphone amp all into one unit. That is why we simply refer to them as Streaming DAC or short: SD.

+++ Software update now available including TIDAL & QOBUZ support  +++

In the SD 2.2 and 3.2 we focus on pure solid state technology in all amplifier stages. While the SD 2.2 sits in a compact body of our INSPIRATION Linre, the SD 3.2 is compiled into a cabinet size well known from our EVOLUTION 3 series.

Since all SD units may serve as full-blown pre-amplifiers, combining them with our power amps such as the SA 2.2 (available in June 2015), SA 3.2, MA 3.2S is a logical consequence. Furthermore all SD models may as well be combined with active speakers.


INSPIRATION SD 2.2 at a glance

  • 2 unbalanced line inputs (i.e. for connection of an external Phono preamp or analog tuner)
  • 1 Pre Out balanced, 1 Pre Out unbalanced
  • 5 digital inputs (SD 2.2, SD 3.2)
  • 2 x SPDIF opt.
  • 2 x SPDIF coax.
  • 1 x USB input synchronous / asynchron (switchable), 64DSD (2,8 MHz)
  • Network: WLAN & LAN
  • Streaming Formats: MP3 , WMA,  AAC, OGG Vorbis, FLAC (192/32 via LAN), WAV (192/32 via LAN), AIFF (192/32 via LAN), ALAC (96/24 über LAN)
  • Supported media server: UPnP 1.1, UPnP-AV and DLNA-compatible server, Microsoft Windows Media Connect Server (WMDRM 10), DLNA-compatible server: NAS
  • Webradio: vTuner / Airable Internet Radio Service, Auto network config., Internet Radio Station database (automatic updates)
  • Digital signal processing with up to 192 kHz / 24 Bit, 64DSD (2,8 MHz)
  • Upsampling frequency for all incoming digital signals may be switched between:
    Native, 44,1, 48, 88, 96, 176, 192 kHz
  • Switchable digital filters
  • Discrete headphone amp with 3 mm banana plug (SD 2.2)
  • Tone control and parametric loudness with bypass-function
  • Large, blue graphic display
  • A large variety of menu function for individual presets (i.e. adjustable input sensitivity,
    renaming inputs and many more)
  • Housing options: Aluminum silver or black, chrome front optional
  • Completely controllable via AVM RC S App for iOS or Android or optional RC 9 remote control with color display


All AVM HiFi Streaming devices now include support for TIDAL & QOBUZ. TIDAL  are  both innovative music streaming platforms offering high-fidelity sound quality, expertly curated content, and unique artists experiences for registered subscribers.

Qobuz offers several subscription plans to their streaming service with genuine CD quality audio of more than 40 million tracks from all repertoires and genres. Today, Qobuz has the largest catalogue of 24-Bit Hi-Res albums for downloading, and now offers the very first Hi-Res streaming subscription worldwide, called Sublime+.

Try Qobuz HI-FI with your 1 month free trial

Stay up-to-date

To get the most out of your AVM HiFi streaming system, please make sure you always keep the RC S App and the streaming software of your AVM device up-to-date. You can download the latest version of the RC S App in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. To make sure your AVM device runs the latest version of the streaming software, please use the RC S App or the optionally available RC 9 remote control.

  • RC S: Navigate to the Settings tab and choose Device Settings / Software / Check for Updates
  • RC 9: Navigate to the Receiver Settings menu and choose Software / Update