RC 9

Remote Control

    The optionally available RC 9 remote control allows for easy and comprehensive control of all AVM components with integrated HiFi streaming capabilities and provides a variety of intuitive features to get the most out of your network-enabled AVM HiFi device.


    • Stream music in HiFi sound quality from TIDAL
    • Airable internet radio, podcasts and music services
    • Stream music from your local UPnP / DLNA media server
    • Browse and control your whole music collection (NAS, CD, USB etc.)
    • Local source selection & playback control
    • Volume control
    • Gapless playback
    • Create & save playlists
    • Create & save favorites



    All AVM Hifi Streaming Devices now include support for TIDAL. TIDAL is an innovative music streaming platform offering high-fidelity CD sound quality, expertly curated content, and unique artists experiences for members. TIDAL offers a monthly subscription with a 30-day free trial. For more information on TIDAL and their lossless music streaming service, please visit www.tidal.com.

    Free software update for all AVM HiFi Streaming Devices now available

    A free update for the streaming software of all AVM HiFI Streaming Devices now offers direct access to Airable – a first-class provider for webradio, podcasts, and  online music services. Airable also replaces the formerly installed webradio service vTuner and now includes optional access to TIDAL – a high-quality music streaming platform offering lossless CD sound quality.

    Installing the latest version of the streaming software is easy and straightforward. Just use the optionally available RC 9 remote control or the RC S App for iOS & Android:

    • RC 9: Navigate to the Receiver Settings menu and choose Software / Update
    • RC S: Navigate to the Settings tab and choose Device Settings / Software / Check for Updates

    +++ IMPORTANT NOTE +++

    Please read carefully before updating the  software of your AVM HiFi Streaming Device to the latest version

    Replacement of vTuner webradio features with Airable music services

    Due to the implementation of the Airable online music services in the latest version of the streaming software, all features and functions of the formerly included vTuner webradio service will no longer be supported. In case you made use of vTuners 'Favorites' feature for example, you need to create a new 'Favorites' list by using your RC 9 remote control or RC S App for iOS and Android devices.

    Compatible AVM Models

    All-In-One Streaming CD Receiver

    High End Streaming CD-Player with digital inputs

    High End Streaming Preamplifier with HiRes DAC